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Dinosaur Bone Rings by Hileman Silver Jewelry

Phoenix, Arizona

Dinosaur Bone Ring Blog

September 12, 2018

We are excited to share this new combination of dinosaur bone and garnet with you.  If you love the color red, this dinosaur bone ring is right up your alley.  We sliced up some red dinosaur bone that we haven't used much before and inlaid it in one of our most popular ring styles.  The bone has red cells with black cell walls with some of the cells showing brighter red and others more muted deep red.  The Mozambique garnet is the perfect gemstone to complement the red dinosaur bone in this ring.  The 1.10 carat garnet is a beautiful warm red color with just a hint of orange when it lights up.   The garnet blends with the dinosaur bone rather than overpowering it.  Mozamb...

August 12, 2018

Platinum is a great choice for your new dinosaur bone ring! We recently completed a handsome dinosaur bone wedding ring for a customer who wanted to upgrade the standard sterling silver to platinum and the standard white sapphires to diamonds.  The upgrades don't really jump out at you at first glance,  especially in a photo, but in a side by side comparison on your finger, the differences become more evident.

Platinum is Much Heavier Than Sterling Silver

The first thing you will notice is the weight of the silver ring verses the heft of the platinum ring.  Assuming the ring is the same size and inlaid with the same stone, in this case gray fossilized dinosaur bone, the ring in plati...

June 25, 2018

If you are looking for a unique wedding ring set that will set you apart from the gold and diamond crowd, look no further than this black diamond and dinosaur bone wedding ring set.  Choosing black diamonds over traditional white diamonds is already a bold move but adding dinosaur bone inlay to the mix brings more color than most traditional couples can handle.  Mind blown!  These rings shout "I'm an individual and I am done with boring wedding rings!"  

The dinosaur bone in this set is a nice bright red with black matrix defining the cell structure of the bone.  Dinosaur bone is found in a variety of colors but deep red is one of the sought after and the red agatized...

February 23, 2017

There are many metal options for dinosaur bone rings. Here are a few of the metal options for our dinosaur bone rings.

December 13, 2016

Most of our dinosaur bone ring designs are shown in sterling silver but all of our dinosaur bone rings are available by special order in white gold, yellow gold and platinum.  Of course these metals are upgrades and we will need to know your approximate ring size or sizes to give you an accurate quote for the additional cost for the upgraded metal.  Stainless steel is also an affordable upgrade option but not all of our designs are available in stainless steel.  Some gemstones are not hard enough to be set in stainless steel without breaking them while setting them in this tough metal.  Ring designs without a faceted gemstone or gemstones are not a problem.  


October 12, 2016

We just completed a new dinosaur bone wedding ring set featuring some of our most popular gray dinosaur bone.  The sleek low profile design of this wedding set makes it a great choice for both men and women.  The man's wedding band is a slightly larger version of the woman's wedding ring.  White sapphires are pave` set in the center of the ring, giving the rings just the right amount of bling.  The white sapphires are a little larger in the man's ring and the total weight of the sapphires is .12 carats while the sapphires in the woman's version total .09 carats.  The dinosaur bone is several (not 50) shades of gray with a black webbing running throughout.  This gray fossilized dinosaur bone...

June 6, 2016


Every Hileman dinosaur bone ring is handmade in our Arizona studio by the Hileman family.  We start by selecting a top quality piece of dinosaur bone to slice into smaller pieces for inlay.  We carefully cut the dinosaur bone to avoid any imperfections or fractures while maximizing the beauty.  We have acquired some awesome blue dinosaur bone that is one of our favorite bone colors and is great to work with.  What is commonly referred to as "blue dinosaur bone" in the industry is actually more of a blue-gray color.

The photo below is of a nice slab of blue dinosaur bone that is about to be cut into smaller pieces for inlaying in a ring.  Dinosaur bone is a natural st...

January 25, 2016

We often get questions about dinosaur bone durability and how to care for a bone ring.  Your new dinosaur bone ring is fairly durable but requires a little special care to keep it looking good.  The biggest factor effecting the longevity of your dinosaur bone ring is everyday wear and tear on the metal and the inlaid dinosaur bone.  As you go about your normal day you will hit, bump and rub your ring on various objects and surfaces varying in hardness and texture.  Keep in mind that sterling silver is the softest of all the precious metals and any object that comes into contact with your ring that is harder than the silver will either scratch or dent it.  The same is true for the dinosaur bo...

January 21, 2016

Hileman Silver Jewelry offers dinosaur bone rings in a variety of colors.  Our dinosaur bone rings for men and women are available in reds, grays, blues, white and earthtones.  All of our dinosaur bone rings can be inlaid with or without the silver dividers between the dinosaur bone segments.  We have men's dinosaur bone rings in several width options ranging from 6mm wide up to about 10mm wide and women's bands from 4.5mm up to 9.5mm.  Our bone rings are easily customized to fit your tastes.  Simply decide on a comfortable width for your ring, pick the dinosaur bone color or colors you would like inlaid, choose dividers or no dividers and then choose a metal.  Our dinosaur bone rings are ty...

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