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Dinosaur Bone Wedding Ring Set in Sterling Silver

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Dinosaur bone wedding ring set handmade in sterling silver by Hileman Silver Jewelry. The man's wedding ring is inlaid with 7 pieces of red dinosaur bone from the Colorado Plateau in Utah. The dinosaur bone is mix of reddish orange cells with some gray matrix mixed in. His ring is about 6mm wide at the top with a slight taper toward the shank (bottom).

The matching woman's dinosaur bone wedding ring is 4.5mm wide at the top with a slight taper toward the bottom. It is a scaled down version of the man's band and is inlaid with fossilized dinosaur bone to match his wedding ring.

Both wedding rings are hand signed "MMH" by Mark McBride Hileman on the inside and stamped .925 sterling silver. It will take 4 to 6 weeks to create this dinosaur bone wedding set in your exact ring sizes. This ring set is also available in 14k gold, stainless steel and platinum for an additional cost. Other inlay materials are available as well. These rings may be purchased separately or as a his/his or hers/hers ring set. Contact us for details.

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