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Dinosaur Bone Wedding Ring and Engagement Ring Set

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Hileman Silver Jewelry: Hileman Silver Jewelry

Stunning dinosaur bone wedding band and Moissanite engagement ring set in sterling silver. Both the engagement ring and the matching wedding band are inlaid with red fossilized dinosaur bone. The dinosaur bone in these rings is very agatized, making the bone very hard and durable with great depth. This unique dinosaur bone came from the Morrison Formation in Utah and was a living animal 144 to 208 million years ago. The dinosaur bone engagement ring is 6.2mm wide at the top and tapers slightly down to 4mm at the bottom. The engagement ring has 3 pieces of dinosaur bone inlaid on each side of a center set Forever Brilliant Moissanite. The .68 carat round Moissanite is set almost flush, giving the ring a sleek low profile. Moissanite is a laboratory created gemstone with more brilliance than a diamond and is almost as hard. It is an affordable and conflict free alternative to diamond without sacrificing beauty or durability. The Moissanite comes with a limited lifetime warranty and certificate of authenticity from Charles and Colvard. Read more about Moissanite at

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