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Red Dinosaur Bone Ring in Stainless Steel by Hileman Silver Jewelry

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Hileman Silver Jewelry: Hileman Silver Jewelry
Product ID: M210stainlessRedDino

Red dinosaur bone ring handcrafted in stainless steel by Hileman Silver Jewelry. The ring is inlaid with 5 large sections of red dinosaur bone with some gold/yellow cells. This unique red fossilized dinosaur bone came from the Morrison Formation in the Colorado Plateau and was a living dinosaur during the Jurassic Period around 144 to 208 million years ago. Only a small percentage of the dinosaur bone found is highly agatized like this bone and multicolor bone is also very rare.

This inlaid dinosaur bone ring measures about 10mm wide at the top, with a slight taper toward the bottom and is shown in a size 11 for scale. This ring will be made to order in your specific ring size in 4 to 6 weeks- depending on our work load. This ring style is also a popular choice for a man's wedding ring. This ring is style number M210stainlessRedDino. A matching woman's band (or gent's) in several width choices could be made to make a nice dinosaur bone wedding ring set.

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