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  • by John Hileman

If You Like Red, This Dinosaur Bone Ring is For You

Dinosaur bone ring with red garnet in sterling silver.
Garnet and dinosaur bone ring in sterling silver by Hileman.

We are excited to share this new combination of dinosaur bone and garnet with you. If you love the color red, this dinosaur bone ring is right up your alley. We sliced up some red dinosaur bone that we haven't used much before and inlaid it in one of our most popular ring styles. The bone has red cells with black cell walls with some of the cells showing brighter red and others more muted deep red. The Mozambique garnet is the perfect gemstone to complement the red dinosaur bone in this ring. The 1.10 carat garnet is a beautiful warm red color with just a hint of orange when it lights up. The garnet blends with the dinosaur bone rather than overpowering it. Mozambique garnet has a hardness of 7-7.5 on the Moh's scale, making it tough enough for daily wear if you are not overly hard on your jewelry. Mozambique garnet is a naturally occurring gemstone and is not treated or enhanced in any way. Because it is a single country source, obtaining high quality Mozambique garnet will always be a challenge and add to its rarity.

Fossilized dinosaur bone may be even more rare than Mozambique garnet. The dinosaur bone we inlaid in this ring came from the Morrison Formation in Utah and is approximately 150 million years old. For a dinosaur to become fossilized some special circumstances must occur. The fallen dinosaur must be quickly covered by mud, silt, clay or ash to create an oxygen deprived environment to slow down decay. Over time the organic bone material is slowly replaced by other minerals, turning the bone to stone. In rare cases, the bone is replaced by agate creating the beautiful gem bone you see used in jewelry. It is estimated that 95% of the all the gem bone formed consists of browns, grays and tans. The remaining 5% are the magnificent reds, blues, oranges, yellows and whites that catch your eye in our dinosaur bone jewelry. The colorful dinosaur bone in this ring is a real rarity that should be treasured like other traditional gemstones. You can find more about how fossilized dinosaur bone forms, dinosaur bone ring durability and how to care for your new dinosaur bone ring on our dinosaur bone information page.

This new bone ring is now available for ordering on our website. All of our dinosaur bone rings are made to order in your specific ring size so please allow 4 to 6 weeks for us to create your new ring. If red is not your color and you would like to change the center stone or the dinosaur bone color, contact us with your requests. We have many other bone and gemstone options available. The ring is also available in upgraded metals such as Continuum silver (tarnish resistant), 14 karat white, yellow or rose gold, and platinum. We will need your ring size to give you an accurate estimate for the metal upgrade cost.

Dinosaur bone engagement ring with Mozambique garnet.

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