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Blue Dinosaur Bone Rings are a Customer Favorite

Very few people have heard of dinosaur bone rings and even fewer actually own one. Bone rings are very unique with bone colors ranging from earthy brown and tan colors to more vivid oranges and reds. Roughly 95% of all highly agatized bone found is earth tones, with only 5% being reds, blues, greens and whites.  In the more vibrant colors, red is the most common.  Blue, yellow and green are scarce.  The colors vary based on the minerals present when the bone is fossilized and finding dinosaur bone with amazing color is a rare occurrence. One of our favorite dinosaur bone colors, and a customer favorite as well, is the blue-gray colored bone usually just referred to as "blue" because it's as close to blue as bone gets. It has a nice bluish cell color with the cell walls being a dark gray or black. This fossilized bone tends to look best in medium to wider width rings so it really shows off it's pattern and color.

Check out the outstanding example of blue dinosaur bone pictured to the left. We were lucky to purchase a good size chunk of this amazing bone and it has made some really unique dinosaur bone rings and pendants. This bone is highly agatized so it is fairly hard and takes a great polish.  Learn more about dinosaur bone!

If you look closely at the sample piece in the photo you will see that the color and the cell pattern vary throughout the piece. This variation means that your dinosaur bone ring will have it's own unique look and will be a virtual one-of-a-kind.

Check out these Dinosaur Bone Rings!

Now that you have seen the rough slab of bone, you have to check out the finished product! Here are a couple of great examples of the blue dinosaur bone inlaid in a man's band and a woman's engagement ring. The woman's ring is inlaid with blue dinosaur bone on each side with a sparkling pear white sapphire on the top. It's just wide enough to show the pattern in the bone really well.

The man's dinosaur bone ring is one of our wider designs at 10 millimeters wide and does a remarkable job of showcasing with beauty of the bone's pattern and colors. It's quite a statement and is sure to draw attention and questions from admirers. Take a minute to browse through our selection of dinosaur bone rings for both men and women.  We think you will find that they are much more fun than a traditional ring! 

All of our dinosaur bone rings are available in a variety of bone colors inlaid in sterling silver, Continuum sterling silver (tarnish resistant), gold, platinum and stainless steel. Please contact us with any questions about our rings or pricing on customizations.  Connect with us!

Mark and John Hileman

(623) 518-6588

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