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Dinosaur bone rings handcrafted in sterling silver, stainless steel and 14 karat gold are our specialty and our passion.  Our unique bone rings are available for both men and women in a wide range of bone colors and ring styles.  Our genuine dinosaur bone rings have become quite popular as wedding rings for couples looking for something more exciting and unique than traditional diamonds and gold.  We offer fossilized dinosaur bone wedding bands, engagement rings, bridal sets and matching dinosaur bone wedding ring sets that can be customized to fit your style and  your budget.  What could be more unique than a set of dinosaur bone wedding rings as a lasting symbol of your love and commitment?  All of our dinosaur bone ring designs are handmade by Mark and John Hileman in our Arizona jewelry studio.  We make each ring by hand from start to finish and emphasize quality over quantity with customer service that is second to none.  Your new bone ring will be made to order in your ring size with the dinosaur bone color of your choice so please allow us 4 to 6 weeks to make your stunning new ring.  It is very important to provide us with an accurate ring size when ordering as inlay rings are difficult to resize once the dinosaur bone inlay is set in place.

Featured Dinosaur Bone Rings!

Available in His/Hers, Hers/Hers & His/His Sets

Dinosaur bone wedding ring set handmade in sterling silver by Hileman Silver Jewelry. This stunning wedding set is inlaid with matching red dinosaur bone from Utah.  Read more about this wedding set!

White Sapphire and Pink Dinosaur Bone Engagement Ring

Other Center Gemstones Available!


Pink dinosaur bone engagement ring with a pear shaped white sapphire set in sterling silver by Hileman Silver Jewelry. This beautiful dinosaur bone engagement ring is inlaid with three pieces of pink dinosaur bone with mauve cells and gray webbing on each side of the white sapphire. 

Unique Man's Wedding Band!

Striking blue dinosaur bone ring in sterling silver handcrafted by Hileman Silver Jewelry. The 5 big inlay sections of blue dinosaur bone really show off the color and pattern of the bone in this remarkable ring.

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What is Fossilized Dinosaur Bone?

The dinosaur bone used in our dinosaur bone rings is actually no longer bone as we know it.  The organic bone material from the fallen dinosaur has long since decayed and over millions of years and has been slowly replaced by stone.  Under very specific conditions a rare process happens where the minerals that are deposited in the bone cavity form agate.  The process is similar to how petrified wood is formed.

Why Choose Our Dinosaur Bone Rings?

Our dinosaur bone ring designs are different.  Our rings are not mass produced in a factory by faceless workers.  We are not resellers- we are the makers!  Your new dinosaur bone ring is built by hand by the Hileman family in our Phoenix, Arizona jewelry studio.  Mark and John Hileman (father and son) make a very knowledgeable team with a combined 73 years of experience in the jewelry and lapidary fields.  Our expert craftsmanship and top quality materials are second to none.  Our rings are not made with crushed bone like some of the dinosaur rings you will find on the internet.  We use only solid pieces of genuine dinosaur bone for our inlay sections- not chips and epoxy filler!  We do not inlay our rings all the way around the ring like some of our competitors.  Our inlay ring designs only go half way around the ring which allows for the ring to be re-sized should your finger size change and also cuts down on repairs, which means your ring spends more time on your finger and not in the shop for repairs.  This also increases the durability of our dinosaur bone rings since the metal on the bottom of the ring absorbs some of the blows rather than the bone.


Every ring design is made to order so you are able to choose your dinosaur bone color, inlay pattern, metal (gold, silver, stainless steel) and any accent stones to create a unique ring just for you.  We have more colors and patterns to choose from than most other jewelers! Yes, you have a choice! Don't settle for a mass produced ring when you can have a ring customized just for you!  Learn more about us and how we create our handmade dinosaur bone rings.

Dinosaur bone rings by Hileman Silver Jewelry

Amazing Colors!

Dinosaur Bone Rings

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