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Blue Dinosaur Bone Makes a Handsome Ring!

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

Every Hileman dinosaur bone ring is handmade in our Arizona studio by the Hileman family. We start by selecting a top quality piece of dinosaur bone to slice into smaller pieces for inlay. We carefully cut the dinosaur bone to avoid any imperfections or fractures while maximizing the beauty. We have acquired some awesome blue dinosaur bone that is one of our favorite bone colors and is great to work with. What is commonly referred to as "blue dinosaur bone" in the industry is actually more of a blue-gray color.

The photo below is of a nice slab of blue dinosaur bone that is about to be cut into smaller pieces for inlaying in a ring. Dinosaur bone is a natural stone with the pattern and color varying across the stone which makes every ring we create virtually a one of a kind. The second photo shows the finished product- a stunning sterling silver man's ring inlaid with five sections of blue dinosaur bone.

Blue dinosaur bone slab ready to be cut for rings.

This is just an example of one of the many dinosaur bone color choices we offer for our rings. To see more of our dinosaur bone rings in other styles and dinosaur bone colors please visit our Flickr page. Our dinosaur bone rings are available for purchase online at Dinosaur Bone RIngs, Hileman Silver Jewelry, our Etsy shop and other online marketplaces.

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