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Dinosaur Bone Rings In A Variety of Colors

Hileman Silver Jewelry offers dinosaur bone rings in a variety of colors. Our dinosaur bone rings for men and women are available in reds, grays, blues, white and earthtones. All of our dinosaur bone rings can be inlaid with or without the silver dividers between the dinosaur bone segments. We have men's dinosaur bone rings in several width options ranging from 6mm wide up to about 10mm wide and women's bands from 4.5mm up to 9.5mm. Our bone rings are easily customized to fit your tastes. Simply decide on a comfortable width for your ring, pick the dinosaur bone color or colors you would like inlaid, choose dividers or no dividers and then choose a metal. Our dinosaur bone rings are typically made in sterling silver. We offer upgrades to Continuum sterling silver, 316L stainless steel, gold and platinum. We recommend upgrading to Continuum silver for wedding bands or daily wear rings for the increased durability and tarnish resistance Continuum silver offers. If you would like to upgrade to gold or platinum, we will need your approximate ring size to give you an accurate quote for the added cost of the metal. Take a look at our selection of dinosaur bone rings!

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