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  • John Hileman

New Gray Dinosaur Bone Wedding Ring Set

Dinosaur Bone Wedding Ring Set with White Sapphires Set in Sterling Silver.

We just completed a new dinosaur bone wedding ring set featuring some of our most popular gray dinosaur bone. The sleek low profile design of this wedding set makes it a great choice for both men and women. The man's wedding band is a slightly larger version of the woman's wedding ring. White sapphires are pave` set in the center of the ring, giving the rings just the right amount of bling. The white sapphires are a little larger in the man's ring and the total weight of the sapphires is .12 carats while the sapphires in the woman's version total .09 carats. The dinosaur bone is several (not 50) shades of gray with a black webbing running throughout. This gray fossilized dinosaur bone is very hard and takes a great polish. If you are interested in more information about dinosaur bone or our dinosaur bone rings take a minute to browse through our website.

If you are interested in purchasing this dinosaur bone wedding ring set, it is currently available at Dinosaur Bone Rings, our Etsy shop and at

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