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  • by John Hileman

Metal Choices for Dinosaur Bone Rings

Dinosaur Bone Ring in Yellow Gold by Hileman

Most of our dinosaur bone rings are shown in sterling silver because silver is the most affordable metal option. However, we can make any of our dinosaur bone rings in upgraded metal choices such as gold, Continuum silver and platinum. All of these are upgrades with Continuum sterling silver being the most affordable with the benefit of being much more durable than standard sterling silver and highly tarnish resistant. Stainless steel would be an affordable option as well but not all of our rings are available in 316L stainless steel. Some of the accent gemstones are not hard enough to be set in this tough metal without breaking them so please inquire about this option before ordering if the ring has faceted gemstones.

Our red dinosaur bone looks great in 14k yellow gold and will be much more durable than sterling silver and provide a more secure setting for your gemstones. If you would like to upgrade to gold we will need your approximate ring size to accurately calculate the cost of the gold needed for your ring. We offer white or yellow gold in 14 karat or 18 karat options. Most customers ordering rings with gray or blue dinosaur bone prefer white gold.

You can't go wrong by ordering a platinum dinosaur bone ring. Platinum is very tough and will last a lifetime if treated with some care. The only negative with platinum is the expense. Our dinosaur bone ring designs are typically fairly hefty to ensure that your dinosaur bone ring can be refinished many times over its lifespan without becoming too thin. This is great for wear but makes upgrading to platinum, or gold for some, an expensive option. We will need an accurate ring size for an estimated platinum cost.

Whatever metal option you choose for your dinosaur bone ring, special care will need to be taken to avoid damaging the dinosaur bone inlay in the ring. Even the most durable metal will not protect your dinosaur bone inlay from a hard impact that could crack or chip the bone. To prolong the life of your dinosaur bone ring you should always take your ring off before any activity that could damage the ring. If you do have an accident and damage the dinosaur bone, we can replace the broken piece of bone at a reasonable cost and remove any nicks and dents in the metal as well.

Contact us with questions about upgrading the metal for your new dinosaur bone ring.

John Hileman

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