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  • by John Hileman

Dinosaur Bone Pendants to Match Your Ring!

Dinosaur Bone Pendants in Sterling Silver by Hileman

Did you know we have dinosaur bone pendants to match your dinosaur bone rings? We can match the dinosaur bone in your ring and make a unique pendant to complement your special ring. These pendants make a great gift for any dinosaur bone fan. What could be more perfect for a first anniversary gift than a dinosaur bone pendant to match your dinosaur bone wedding rings? The pendants in the photo are the perfect size for everyday wear or a night out. They are available in any of the dinosaur bone colors you see on our website. We also have some larger "statement size" pendants if you really want to make an impression! Be prepared for a lot of looks and questions about your fossilized dinosaur bone pendant.

All of our dinosaur bone pendants are available in sterling silver, Continuum silver (tarnish resistant), 14 karat gold, stainless steel or platinum. Sterling silver is standard and the other metal options are upgrades. If the pendant you are interested is not in stock it will take us 2 to 3 weeks to make one for you. Take a look at our pendants and consider adding one of these fun pieces to your jewelry collection.

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